Function: noun

1 : an article serving to equip
2 : a device used in the performance of a task : tool, utensil
3 : one that serves as an instrument or tool

About Leinbach Implements

Leinbach Machinery has been manufacturing rugged tractor implements since 1942. Leinbach uses high quality raw materials and utilizes the latest technology in constructing their line of implements.  The result is an implement that holds tremendous value to any tractor owner buying from Leinbach.  Contact your local dealer or visit this online store for a price that’s affordable and a product that radiates quality. 

There is a long list of available implements from Leinbach to suit almost any agricultural job.   Leinbach’s disc harrow is very popular among farmers.  Other implements include auger bit post hole diggers, aerators, pulverizers, bale spears, rakes, cultipackers, and hay bale spears.  Pictured below is the Leinbach Two Bottom 14" Tractor Plows Model 82-14 mounted using a 3 point hitch on a 50 HP tractor.

Leinbach plow implement mounted on a tractor

The disc harrow is a farm implement made by Leinbach that is used to cultivate the soil where crops are going to be planted.  The disc harrow attaches to your tractor and used to chop up pesky weeds or crop remainders. This implement consists of many steel discs which have a slightly curved surface(like a dish)  and are arranged into two or four sections. When viewed from the top, the four sections would appear to form an "X" which is flattened to be wider  than it is tall. The discs on a Leinbach harrow are also offset so that they are not parallel with the overall direction of the implement. This is so they slice the ground they cut over a little bit for an efficient job. Contact your local Leinbach dealer or click here to visit a massive online selection of implements.

Where can I view implements?

To view a large selection of Leinbach manufactured implements, click here to view a video library full of informative demonstrations using Leinbach implements.  Feel free to ask a professional staff member of dealer when deciding which model of Leinbach implement is right for your application and properly suits your tractor.  Most Leinbach implements are mounted using a 3 point hitch or standard hitch and utilize the PTO.

Leinbach Implements